A Paradise on Earth

Paradise on Earth
Olive Oil paradise and Lake Korision

A Paradise on Earth

Residing within this sanctuary is a true blessing

Our chosen estate, dedicated to nurturing our harvest, rests a mere 500 meters from the shores of the Korission Lagoon. This lagoon, the largest on the island of Corfu, stands as an invaluable haven of untouched natural beauty—a thriving ecosystem adorned with a diverse array of flora. Over 120 avian species seek refuge here, amidst the countless varieties of native vegetation.

The landscape finds its harmony in the presence of the unique sea cedars that flourish along the northern Mediterranean shores. So abundant are these trees that they form a stunning emblematic forest encircling the Korission Lake, nestled between the picturesque beaches of Halikounas and Issos. This exquisite woodland begins at the lagoon’s entrance and after a leisurely 3-kilometer journey, gently merges with the pristine sands of Issos Beach.

The fauna of this exceptional region extends beyond the realm of avian wonders, encompassing the elegant grace of flamingos, the poised serenity of cormorants, the elegant presence of egrets, and the lively charm of ducks. Amidst this symphony of life, thousands of butterflies dance through the air, while numerous turtles find solace in this captivating haven. All these details are giving the rightful nickname of the place as a “Paradise on Earth”.

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