Lianolia, An Enigmatic Gem

Lianolia Olive

Unveiled by the birth of The Governor, Lianolia emerges as an enigmatic treasure, nurtured amidst an ancient olive grove transplanted by Corinthians. Originating from the explorers of 4th-century B.C., enriched by the Venetians of 1500 A.C., Lianolia’s roots intertwine profoundly with Corfu’s soil – an enduring testament and cherished emblem of Corfiots, profoundly shaping their daily existence for centuries.

Yet, heritage is a double-edged sword, both blessing and burden. The quality of the olive oil produced languished in mediocrity, trapped by traditional methods that proved perilously unreliable for achieving the pinnacle of extra virgin olive oil. Fingers pointed at the trees, as blame cloaked the true issue. Skill stagnated, the aspiration for superior olive oil remained elusive.

Then, in 2010, two visionary brothers, Spyros and George, unraveled this complex enigma, unveiling the truth: nature’s purity remains untarnished; human intervention falters. Four years of relentless experimentation, field to mill, bore fruition – The Governor emerged.

This exceptional olive oil, a pioneer in its class, shattered conventions, boldly introducing the lanolia variety to the global stage. Its acclaim echoed over 70 awards, resonating far beyond. Paramount, its participation in groundbreaking scientific research on ailments such as Alzheimer’s, Cancer, Diabetes, and Strokes marked a new chapter – olive oil as a guardian of health.

In 2016, pioneering once more, they birthed an immersive olive tour project. A beacon for travelers, it delves into the heart of olive oil’s world, fostering a profound connection.

Nature revered, innovation harnessed – their mill echoes a new anthem.

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