NBC Channel Filming

After an intensive week of meticulous experimental trials both at the mill and across our bountiful fields, we are thrilled to officially inaugurate the commencement of the new harvest season for 2018-2019.

NBC Channel Filming

This auspicious beginning has been further adorned by an extraordinary event, rich with symbolism, on a year of great significance to us. We were graced with the esteemed presence of NBC Channel, a broadcasting giant renowned worldwide. In a choice reflective of their discerning taste, NBC selected Greece, the picturesque island of Corfu, and, most notably, “The Governor’s Olive Mill” as the focal point for their endeavor to share with the global audience the story of this nutritional treasure.

This venture comes to life against the backdrop of a profound belief: the belief that the very essence of our heritage, encapsulated in the olive trees that have thrived for generations, is a living emblem that continues to resonate. As we extend a warm welcome to all who step onto our land, we also open a gateway to the timeless legacy of olive cultivation.

While we leave you to experience the unfolding narrative on your screens, we want to emphasize that our current mission is firmly set on the production of olive oil. This season, our commitment is to transform the harvest’s bounty into liquid gold – a product that echoes not only with tradition but also with our dedication to nurturing and promoting this extraordinary gift.

With gratitude for this remarkable opportunity and with the rhythms of the olive groves guiding our endeavors, we embark on this journey with hope, determination, and the unwavering belief in the significance of our craft.

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