NBC Channel – Voyager with Josh Garcia

NBC CHANNEL – Greek Island Gem

NBC Channel’s intrepid voyager, Josh, immersed himself in our complete episode broadcast last Saturday. He bore witness to our participation and the opportunity to captivate millions of viewers across the US via television network. The Dafnis Family, stewards of both exceptional products and the profound values of our region, stand proud. It’s a privilege to produce, yet equally a responsibility to safeguard and disseminate these values far and wide.

Our commitment extends beyond production; it’s about preserving the essence of our surroundings. We’ve revived olive cultivation on Corfu, cultivating ancestral lianolia olive trees in our family groves at the protected Nature 2000 site in Aghios Matthaios, southwest of the island. The pinnacle of our efforts is the creation of an award-winning, premium olive oil—earning global acclaim in no time.

The pursuit of dreams knows no bounds. Join us on this journey of excellence.

Catch the enlightening episode “Greek Island Gem” here: Link

Watch it also on our Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iSFrvzWYVIU

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