The Governor Olive Oil at Les Carnets de Julie

Les Carnets de Julie

On the 16th of December, a captivating episode of “Les Carnets de Julie” on France 3 channel comes alive. Join the charismatic TV presenter Julie Andrieu and acclaimed Michelin star chef Thierry Marx as they step into our world, embracing both our facilities and the essence of our island. Dive deep into the intricacies of olive oil with us, unveiling its well-guarded secrets and remarkable benefits. Witness the enthralling journey as they partake in the harvest and milling process.

Guided by the talented local chef Marina Beska, the episode transcends to an aromatic adventure, culminating in the creation of traditional local meals. This installment is an immersion into olive oils, illuminating their nuances, both their virtues and imperfections.

Don’t miss this extraordinary experience! Catch the episode live on YouTube: Watch here

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