The Governor Olive Oil on Le Monde Newspaper

Le Monde

With brimming excitement, we are thrilled to share the remarkable news that The Governor has earned a spotlight in a prominent article dedicated to Corfu within the esteemed pages of “Le Monde”, one of France’s most distinguished newspapers. The resonance of this achievement was further magnified when we received a treasured copy of the article by mail, accompanied by a heartfelt letter of appreciation.

Deep gratitude resonates within us as we extend our sincere thanks to journalist Thomas Doustally, whose discerning eye and literary prowess have bestowed upon us the privilege of being featured among the “7 Sites of Corfu Island.”

The article chronicles our journey, capturing the essence of the transformation led by Spyros Dafnis and his brother, who, despite their youth, have spearheaded a revolution in the olive oil industry. Nestled in the embrace of Agios Mattheos, the family property has become the birthplace of a nectar known as The Governor, now celebrated as one of the world’s premier olive oils.

Central to The Governor’s acclaim is its unparalleled concentration of polyphenols, with a special emphasis on oléocanthal – the component that imparts its distinctive peppery note. However, this attribute goes beyond flavor, endowing the oil with anti-inflammatory virtues that have propelled it into the realm of “Medical Food,” a distinction accorded by numerous scientific publications.

We invite you to delve into the article itself, which beautifully encapsulates our journey and underscores the profound impact of our olive oil.

Explore it here: Le Monde – 7 Plaisirs Simples à Corfou

As we continue to tread this extraordinary path, your appreciation and recognition further fuel our commitment to crafting olive oil that not only delights the senses but also resonates with health and vitality.

With profound thanks and a renewed sense of purpose, The Governor’s Olive Mill Family

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